Our business objectives set out what we want to achieve from 2017 to 2019. They sit alongside the company mission and values, which together form the heart of our business plan. Successful delivery will be realised by working collaboratively, bringing together expertise from the public and private sector.

Our mission and values

1. Strategic Asset management

Using high quality data to guide all investment and disinvestment decisions, we will use available funding in the most cost effective manner. Planned investment programme to follow.

2. Regeneration

To develop a broad range of regeneration activity; delivering a community led and supported plan for each of the priority neighbourhoods.

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3. Housing Development

To develop opportunities to provide a range of new dwellings of mixed tenure. The aim is to bring families currently in temporary accommodation through to a more secure tenancy.

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4. Temporary Accommodation

To explore opportunities and develop plans to bring forward new temporary accommodation on a range of sites to reduce the need for B&B accommodation, benefiting tenants and the council.

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5. Council Housing

Utilising council owned land and the surpluses generated to provide a subsidy to the Housing Revenue Grant by acquiring additional units or new investment where this is warranted.

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