What is it about New Year’s resolutions that often end up making you feel bad about yourself? They tend to focus on doing more of this or less of that, meaning that last year you did too little of this and too much of that.

And perhaps that’s why the failure rate is quite high, with positive motivation in January turning to forgotten promises in February. Which makes us feel even worse.

At YourMK we are running a ‘New Year Same Me’ campaign!  We want to celebrate the things we are good at and resolve to do them more.  Rather than concentrating on what is bad and needs changing, we want to accentuate the positive and work to expand the things we are proud of.

Over the next few weeks, everyone in the YourMK team will be posting on our Facebook page and twitter accounts using the hashtag #newyearsameme. We will be highlighting the things we value and want to do more.

And we’d really like to hear from you: what are you determined to do more of in 2017? It might be spending more time doing something you already enjoy like volunteering or spending quality time with the family. It could be continuing on your quest to learn new things or simply having more ‘me’ time or being more patient with the kids.

And as well as the team, YourMK the company is joining in as well! We have done lots in the last year (our first as a new company) that we are very proud of: setting up a brand new partnership from scratch, building an excellent repairs and maintenance service, developing links with our communities and building a team of almost 100 community communicators to make sure we are listening and in touch with what people are saying.

In 2017 we want to do these more: more engagement, even better services, improved community involvement and increased communication. Watch out for what we’re doing, and let us know if we get it right.

Tell us your plans on twitter using #NewYearSameMe or DM @YourMKCommunity; like us, share and comment on Facebook at YourMK