Working with the MK Community

Lots of organisations work with charities and good causes locally. They do this because it is a positive contribution to their community, and it can give staff an opportunity to volunteer and develop their skills.

At YourMK this kind of partnership is something more central.

YourMK is all about communities. Everything we do has to be focused on the communities we were set up to serve. We only get involved with local organisations if they share our vision for the area and the values that drive us. This is why we are working with the Milton Keynes Food Bank.

Like YourMK, the Food Bank believes in developing communities. Like YourMK, they believe in the power of people. They know the power that community networks can have; providing critical support when it is most needed.

Ironically, the Food Bank also shares our view that we want a society where food banks are not necessary. But while they are, they will do all they can to provide the support that’s really needed, in the way that people want to receive it.


And that’s where we can help. Our staff have spent time working with the food bank staff, and we were able to donate a van to support their work.

YourMK and MK Food Bank want to work together to ensure that when we deliver regeneration over the next few years, we are doing so with community solutions to the problems that the Food Bank team sees every day. So do we need to develop and support community shops with community produce? Or what about the possibility of community allotments and community business? Or even new sharing and bartering systems where people want them.

As the regeneration work continues, we will set up more strategic partnering arrangements with organisations such as the MK Food Bank. If you have suggestions, or would like to know more, contact us.

For more information about the MK Food Bank go to