The old conundrum still exists: experience or qualifications

If you have one, you sometimes don’t have the other. And prospective employers always seem to want both. So the challenge is to get the right qualifications while gaining crucial experience.

At YourMK we want to support local people, and where possible help them into employment. We also know how difficult it can be for young people to get the right mix of experience and qualifications to give them a better chance of gaining a worthwhile job.

We understand this balancing act and that’s why we’ve partnered with youth charity The Prince’s Trust to deliver 2 six week courses which provide both experience and qualifications. The ‘Get into Construction’ courses are targeted at young people aged 18-30 in Milton Keynes who are keen to get into the construction industry.

The partnership between Milton Keynes Council and Mears Group is responsible for leading on regeneration and that means much more than physical buildings. Having newly designed neighbourhoods and high quality houses is not much use if you are struggling to find work.

The Prince’s Trust ‘Get into Construction’ courses will not only give young people the skills and knowledge they need; it will also cover their travel expenses and provide work clothing. Crucially, people completing the course will receive a Health and Safety qualification, and get a Construction Skills Certificate Scheme card, which is essential for those looking for permanent work in the building trade.

The Prince’s Trust has an excellent record in delivering these courses. Three quarters of those who complete them go into work, further education or training and there are lots of personal success stories on The Trust’s website (

For Milton Keynes, with a significant investment being made into new build and regeneration, there is no better time to explore the possibility of a career in the construction industry.

If you are interested, or know of someone who might be, text ‘call me’ to 07904364206 or email  There is a taster day on Feb 21 that will give you much more information about what the course can offer.