Talking ‘bout Regeneration

In the past few weeks, in the run up to YourMK going live, you may have heard a lot about regeneration. It’s been on the telly, in the paper, talked about on Facebook and referenced in conversations with residents from across Milton Keynes. But what exactly is regeneration and are we all talking about the same thing?

In biology, it refers to the process of recreating lost or damaged tissues. In science fiction it is what happens when Dr Who needs to change an actor. In agriculture it is all about what happens in organic farming

For the Council and YourMK, regeneration is about something far more important than all of these. It’s about using investment, design, resources, politics and people to bring about a sometimes radical, but always reassuring change to the communities we live in. An economic, social and physical change.

It’s not automatically about knocking things down – although if buildings are getting in the way of communities developing to their full potential then it’s time to talk about it.

It’s also not just about housing – new housing alone cannot deliver regeneration.

It’s as much about the people we spend time with and the opportunities we can access as it is the place we live and the home we live in.

And regeneration is much bigger than MK Council or YourMK. YourMK can do some things and support and initiate others, but in the end regeneration involves everyone with an interest in an area: individuals, businesses, institutions and families.

And why do we need to do this?

Many people live in housing or neighbourhoods that could be, and need to be, improved. When your environment is not up to scratch then good health, education and welfare are harder to achieve. And when your health, education and welfare are not up to scratch, your ability to change your environment may be affected. It’s a vicious circle and one decline can lead to another. This is simply not fair. By supporting, leading and managing a regeneration programme we can change the record; we can make things fairer.

So, watch out for more information about regeneration. And next time the Doctor regenerates on the telly, think about what changes you would make if you had that kind of power.