New Team Member Steve Young

18 October 2017

Steve Young is the latest industry specialist to join the YourMK team. Steve, who has 20 years’ experience in the private and public sector, is a “Strategic Asset Manager”. It seems fair to ask exactly what that is, and why we need it.

Steve explains.

“It’s all about value for money. My job is to make sure we make the right decisions about homes and their investment now and in the future, making the best use of the budget. What often happens is we end up repairing houses again and again; putting temporary fixes in place when in fact a far more preventative approach to works is needed.

It’s a bit like mending a hole in your shoe! You can do it once, maybe even twice, but in the end putting patch after patch on makes no sense; you waste money and your feet eventually get wet.

Although the temporary solutions can seem quicker and cheaper, in the long run they waste money, and don’t provide people with a good outcome.

So my job is to look at all the information we have available from the stock condition survey and other sources and then put the case for where we need to invest. If we get this right, then we stop wasting money on reactive maintenance work that doesn’t really solve the problem, and we save money for the really big work that has to be carried out. It’s about making every pound we have go further; making long term improvements to neighbourhoods and homes.

On a day by day basis I work with architects, analysts and surveyors, looking at all the information we have and then making informed recommendations to the council about where they should invest the money.

In the past I’ve worked for the property services company Connaught and with social housing providers such as the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust and Islington and Shoreditch Housing Association. I’ve lived in Buckinghamshire for 7 years now and know what a great part of the country this is.

Why did I come to YourMK? I know that preventing problems is the best way to solve them. And at YourMK we have a once in a generation opportunity to get this right. It is very exciting to be in at the beginning to help build great places for people to live.”