What can business learn from Brangelina?

I don’t usually follow celebrity gossip, but it is hard to avoid the Brangelina split announcement this week. After 16 years together and two as a married couple, Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. Their partnership is over.

At the same time someone in the YourMK office – let’s call her Mrs Brown – has just come back from her honeymoon. She and Mr Brown had a brilliant time at their wedding with friends and family and then an amazing honeymoon tour.

Mrs B tells a good story about the wedding. For reasons that elude me, there was an episode where the newlyweds were in a pedalo on a lake. She was worried about the dress getting dirty and her bare feet getting frozen and muddy while they were boating around being cheered on by guests. He wanted to carry on pedalo-ing, she wanted to get back to her friends and the bar!  Words were said. Silence descended. There followed a short period of personal isolation and re grouping with friends to lick wounds and re assess the evening’s activities.

And of course after about 20 minutes they were back together, drinking and laughing at themselves and each other, and possibly vowing not to hire a pedalo again.

Partnership are like that. Not always harmonious, not always easy, not always the most obvious thing to do. But they can work. By entering into a partnership we add to our strengths and our experience; we double our skill base and commit to developing our partners, as they develop and challenge us.

This was the founding principle of YourMK. A partnership of Milton Keynes Council and Mears Group; to deliver high quality services to people in the city. We recognised the mutual strengths of the partners and realised we could achieve more together than apart.

And partnership is the theme as we move forwards. Partnership with suppliers and staff; partnership with communities and tenants; partnership with stakeholders, politicians and funders. Pooling our understanding and merging our ideas to create the very best solution we can for Milton Keynes.

Not always straightforward, not always easy, but the right thing to do.

So if you are not part of our ever expanding partnership networks, get in touch. Follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook, keep an eye on our website and blogs, get in touch with your ideas.

By building a strong partnership together, we can make a difference in Milton Keynes.