What is a Masterplan?

A masterplan is a plan created by architects, with communities. It provides a layout to frame future development for an area.

It takes into account the needs of residents and other stakeholders, their vision for the area, and any financial and physical restrictions. It makes the connection between buildings, social settings, and their surrounding environments.

What is Masterplanning?

Masterplanning is the process of creating a masterplan.

This process is led by architects, using their specialist technical knowledge to create the masterplan for an area, based on what is important to communities.

YourMK is committed to developing community led masterplans. This process will take around a year for each area.

Shepheard Epstein Hunter

YourMK has commissioned Shepheard Epstein Hunter to lead the creation of the masterplan for Fullers Slade.

Shepheard Epstein Hunter is an experienced, award-winning architects’ practice, respected for their imagination, experience, and ability to deliver.

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HTA Design LLP

YourMK has commissioned HTA Design LLP to lead the creation of the masterplans for the Lakes Estate and North Bradville.

HTA Design LLP specialises in regeneration. It is a multi-disciplinary practice, with specialist teams working in architecture, landscape design, planning, urban design, sustainability and graphic design & communications.

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