"My overall experience of coming to a job club, the advisors that work here are very helpful and informative and do a very good job." Mr. K., 41, Fishermead

"To date Milton Keynes College (Spotlight) job club has been helpful on a number of issues during my job search activities." Miss. A., 26, Bletchley

"It boosted my morale, I didn't feel like the only one in that situation, there were a few other people who had also been out of work for a long time. I was not so alone and got to know one or two of the others" Mr. H., 55, Conniburrow

"The service is fantastic. They listened to me, helped me with my CV, covering letters and IT skills. They really gave me the confidence to get back to work and helped me get the job where I am now." Mrs. G., 31, Central Milton Keynes

"I started going to a job club and had very low confidence but was given a volunteering opportunity and attended some short courses in Interview Skills and Customer Service. I managed to gain paid employment as a receptionist" Mrs. P., 44, Walnut Tree

"I'd not worked in over 3 years and had loads of issues…the help and support was amazing and bit by bit I worked through everything. I was encouraged to take training and access specialist support, all whilst staying in contact and preparing for my future. Today I have a roof over my head and full time work in a job I like. I can't thank them enough." Mr. M., 50, Oldbrook