Since 2012, the NEP has supported 8788 Milton Keynes residents.

2968 residents of Milton Keynes have gained employment after receiving help from the NEP.


194 residents of Beanhill have accessed the NEP. far, 95 have gained paid employment.


The NEP has supported 208 residents with employment since the service started.

...69 people have been successful in gaining paid employment so far.

Coffee Hall

Up to now, 141 people from Coffee Hall have received support from the NEP.

...from those accessing the service, 48 have gained paid employment.

Fullers Slade

147 residents of Fullers Slade have used NEP services. far, 47 have successfully gained paid employment.

Lakes Estate

Since opening on the Lakes Estate, the NEP has supported 694 people with finding work.

...237 people so far have been successful in getting paid employment.


Up to now, 382 residents of Netherfield have been supported by the NEP.

...from those receiving support, 136 have been successful in gaining paid work.

Tinkers Bridge

90 people living in Tinkers Bridge have accessed the NEP.

...up to now, 40 have gained paid employment.

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