Size of New Homes

We know that size is important to every home and we want to make sure that all the homes we build give residents the opportunity to grow and develop in a space they can call their own. 

With this in mind we are building new homes that are above and beyond the national standards.

All the homes we build will: 

The table below shows three different standards for how much floor space a home should have:

  1. The Parker Morris standards, agreed in the 1960’s
  2. The Government (Department for Communities and Local Government - DCLG) standards set out in 2015 
  3. YourMK standards.

You will see that all the homes we plan to build will have more floor space than previous and national guidance requires.   

Home type
Parker Morris (1967)
DCLG (2015)
Your MK (2016+)
2 bed 4 person apartment
2 bed 4 person house
76.1 79 90
3 bed 5 person house
3 bed 6 person house
4 bed 6 person house
4 bed 7 person house

Size comparison (sq.m.)

More about Parker Morris

In 1961, a government report specified minimum space standards for new homes. These came to be known as the Parker Morris standards (Parker Morris was the chairman of the Central Housing Advisory Committee which produced the report).

The report recognised that rising prosperity and changing lifestyles meant homes needed more space and needed to be adaptable to changing circumstances. To meet this need it proposed a set of minimum space standards for all new homes. By the end of the 1960s, all new social housing had to meet these minimum space standards, but significantly the space standards were not made mandatory for the private sector. In 1980, the government scrapped the standard altogether.