Community Communicators

We have 154 Community Communicators living and working in the regeneration areas across Milton Keynes.

They are invaluable, as they help us share information as widely as possible within communities.

They are part of our team and we couldn't do it without them. Thank you!

What do they do?

A Community Communicator is someone who lives or works in a regeneration area, who is keen to help share information with their friends and neighbours.

We give them the most up to date information we have about YourMK. We ask them to share this information with people who will find it useful and to feedback any questions or concerns so that we can respond to them.


We are always looking for more residents to join our amazing team of Community Communicators.

If you are interested, speak to one of the team

October Communicator Update

You can read the latest updates that we share with our Community Communicators.

Read them here

Who are they?

Our Community Communicators are a varied group. We have residents, community group volunteers and leaders, teachers, parish councillors, PSCOs, Children's Centre staff, bakery staff, housing staff.

They all have one thing in common - that they speak to lots of people where they live or work, and are keen to help us make sure residents have as much information as possible. They really help us to address rumours that can worry people.