Consultation on Resident Offers



Draft Document YourMK Policy Guide and Draft Offers November 2017 FINAL.pdf 

The resident offers in this document are draft at this stage. It is important that you read and fully understand the offers that apply to you.

Between 13th November 2017 and 19th January 2018 we are running a consultation on these draft offers.

During this time, you will be able to discuss these offers with us and provide feedback on what works for you and what else we need to consider.


We would like to know:

1. Which resident offer(s) meet your requirements?

2. What else do we need to consider?


Please click here to leave us your feedback


As well as providing feedback here, you can also take part in the following:


  1. Attend specific consultation workshops in November and January with PPCR to fully understand each offer and provide feedback on these. Please call freephone 0800317066 or email  for details of these.


  2. Attend PPCR’s monthly drop in on the following Wednesday's from 3:30-6:30pm at the Rowans Centre, 13A Moorfoot:

    • 29th November

    • 31st January

    • 28th February

    • 28th March

    • 25th April

    • 30th May

    • 27th June

    • 25th July 

    • 29th August

    • 26th September 

  3. Attend YourMK’s weekly drop in each Thursday from 10am-12pm at the Rowans Centre.


  4. Drop any comments in to our comment box in the reception area at the Rowans Centre.


  5. Email your questions and comments to


  6. Call or text your questions and comments to Charlie Davies on 01908 991 570.