Fullers Slade Regeneration 

Frequently Asked Questions

September 2017

1.Why are we doing regeneration in Fullers Slade?

Milton Keynes Council has a 15 year regeneration startegy which talks about why regeneration is needed in some parts of Milton Keynes (MK), and what the focus needs to be on to respond to this need. YourMK was set up to lead on the delivery of this startegy. You can find the regeneration strategy here: Regeneration Strategy

Regeneration in MK is focused on 3 key areas; People, Place and Prosperity.




2. What are the aims of regeneration?

The aims for regeneration are written in the Council's Regeneration Strategy.

They are:

In addition to this YourMK has a performance indicator which is used to guide our work in regeneration. This means that annually, YourMK has to provide evidence to its Board of Directors on its activities and progress against this indicator.

The regeneration indicator is 'creating conditions to thrive' and it was developed uing feedback from 250 residents on Fullers Slade and Tinkers Bridge.

In creating conditions to thrive, we must build pride in the estate, foster positive social relationships, create opportunities to influence the regeneration process, and build a feeling of optimism in the future of the estate.

We want to work with you to define what this means to you so that we can establish a Fullers Slade set of key indicators which we can publically measure our work against. If you would like to get involved in this please let us know. Our contact details can be found at the end of this FAQ.

3. How long will it all take?

We started engagement work for regeneration in Fullers Slade on the 24th June 2017. By summer 2018 we hope to have the masterplan completed so that we can apply to Milton Keynes Council for planning permission. This timeline is intentionally flexible as we need to go at the pace dictated by the community of the Fullers Slade regeneration area.

No physical work will start until 2019. The physical work will last for several years.

4. How will regeneration be funded?

There are a range of options that we are looking at:

· Institutional investors

· Council borrowing and funding

· Private Finance

Sale of new private properties

It is likely that regeneration will be funded by a range of the options above.

5. Does YourMK have a plan already drawn up?

No. Shepheard Epstein Hunter are the architects that have been brought in to create a plan together with residents. The plan needs to be affordable in that it cannot cost more to deliver than it will generate though the sale of private homes, but apart from that there is flexibility in what it looks like and what’s included. This will be created with you.

6. When will we know what the regeneration options are for Fullers Slade?

This will be available at the exhibition in October.

On the 25th August we held an information event in the Spider Park to share with you the information from the stock condition survey of council homes in Fullers Slade. The information shared told you what we know about the cost of refurbishing and maintaining council homes on Fullers Slade. This was costed over 60 years, which is standard practice, and brought the homes up to standard where the cost of ongoing repair would be less than the money coming back to the council in rent. 

At this information event, we were clear about what the next steps would be. The information boards shown can be seen here Event

YourMK are carrying out intrusive surveys on council properties on a selection of council properties during September. This survey will involve opening up the floors and walls and inspecting the roof of the homes to understand any structural issues that would need to be resolved. Results will be costed to enable us to finalise the cost of the refurbishment option. This will be available at the exhibition in October.

7. Why didn’t you cost these options before you started in July?

Our approach to regeneration is to work with the residents during all stages of the programme in order to find out information together and make decisions together. We chose to begin engagement with residents in July, and to work through the surveying alongside this engagement. Given that the stock condition surveying wasn’t completed until May 2017, the alternative would have been to start engagement with residents later in the year. We chose not to wait as residents told us they wanted us to get started. 

8. Are there restrictions on what land can be developed?

Yes. Milton Keynes Council’s Planning department are providing us with the restrictions.  There is also land on Fullers Slade that is owned or managed by organisations other than Milton Keynes Council. This land can be developed on but with some sensitivity or restriction.

A map of the developable land will be shared at the exhibition in October.

9. Information from YourMK seems biased towards demolition.

As long as the plan for Fullers Slade is affordable, YourMK has no preference to the detail of the plan. There are advantages and disadvantages to refurbishment and redevelopment. In August, we presented these advantages and disadvantages. 

You can see the presentation from the event in August here Fullers Slade

10. The language used by YourMK is too simplistic and patronising.

We use plain language in all of our communications because this is best practice. However, in the future, we will also make more detailed information available for those who want it and we will test our communications with the Residents Steering Group to ensure it is both understandable and provides enough information.

Please let us know how you are finding our communication.  Our contact details can be found at the end of this FAQ.

11. Residents can’t make decisions unless they have all the information.

Residents are not currently being asked to make decisions. The process so far has been about explaining the process and getting to know residents and understand how they feel about Fullers Slade. Only after fully costed options have been created and shared with residents, can residents begin making decisions. No resident will be asked to make a decision before they have all the information they need about how different options will affect them.

12. The timeline of events does not make it clear what the key milestones are or what is expected of residents at each event.

The engagement timeline is provided in the event leaflet as a summary and can be found here Events

Based on feedback about the process so far, we are developing a more detailed timeline that includes more information about the whole programme. This will be published on our website.

13. How can you hold design workshops when you don’t know the parameters of the plan yet?

At the exhibition in October we will communicate decisions about which options for regeneration are possible and which aren’t. These decisions will be made by the YourMK Board of Directors and will provide the parameters for the design process and the plan.

The first part of the design process involves agreeing the general principles of design. These discussions will start from what you have told us you like and don’t like so far. This is called developing the design brief, and we will work with you in the first few sessions to finalise this brief. This is why it is really important for you to be a part of these sessions if you can.

These sessions start in November, please contact Charlie to book (her details are at the back of this booklet).

14. What will the ballot next year be on? Will there be an option to vote for ‘no regeneration’?

The ballot will be on a range of masterplan options. All options will be affordable and deliverable. Options that are not affordable and deliverable will not form part of the ballot.

All of the options for ballot will be developed with you in the co-design sessions running over the winter.  YourMK will work alongside these sessions to ensure the plans are affordable and deliverable. 

The final decision about what options go to the ballot will be made by the YourMK Board of Directors. The final decision about what options go to the ballot will be made by the YourMK Board of Directors.

15. Could the new houses be smaller than I have at the moment?

All YourMK new homes are larger than the new national spaces standards for housing, larger than the older housing built to Parker Morris standards, and larger than many of the new affordable homes being built elsewhere within the city. We will not compromise on this, but there will be a need for compromises elsewhere in the plan. However these decisions will be made after considering your feedback and aspirations. 

16. What is the Residents Steering Group and why has it been set up when Fullers Slade has a Residents Association already?

We are committed to delivering community led regeneration.  This means that not only will we work with the residents to co-design the masterplan, but we also want to work with residents to shape the way we deliver the masterplan.  It would not be practical to do this by public vote or public exhibition every time we wanted to get a steer, so we set up a group which has on it residents from the regeneration area.  In Fullers Slade this is all the streets within the grid roads with the exception of those that make up Hilltop and Sidlaw Court, as these areas are not being looked at for regeneration.

The Resident Steering Group (RSG) was set up in July 2017, to help us shape and steer the regeneration process. The group is not meant to be representative because it cannot speak for everyone, but it brings together some of the voices of the residents of the Fullers Slade regeneration area.  The RSG is now run independently of YourMK by PPCR, the Independent Resident Advisors chosen by residents within the regeneration area at a community vote in July.

The purpose of the group, details of how it will be run and how you need to behave when you are part of the group discussion (known as the terms of reference) is being agreed at the next meeting on 27th September.  These terms of reference will then be share on our website so if you are interested, you can also be a part of it.

Whilst the Fullers Slade Residents Association has a wide remit, it is not set up to steer the regeneration process. 

17. Are you engaging with schools and health providers?

Yes.  We are already working with all of the schools serving Fullers Slade, and the Family Centre.  In addition, we are in conversation at a senior level about health provision, transport, education, policing and all the other services provided to the community by the public sector. 

We will be holding regular meetings with all of these services, with the first one in October.  These are not public meetings as we will be discussing their long term strategies, many of which will be confidential, but we will communicate any relevant outputs for Fullers Slade via our website, and will invite members from each service as appropriate to the design workshops over the winter.



If you have a question, please get in touch with us:


Charlie is available at Rowans Family Centre, Moorfoot,

Fullers Slade each week:

Tuesdays:  1-4pm

Wednesdays:  9am-12pm

Thursdays:  10.30-11.30am

Email: Charlie.davies@yourmk.co.uk

Phone: 07702 899609

On Tuesdays from 1-3pm Your Job Club is open at Rowans. It offers a range of advice and guidance to people looking for work or training.

On Wednesday 9am-12pm, Milton Keynes Council Housing Officer, David Ellis is available during Charlie’s drop in to provide information and advice on your home and housing matters.

You can also find out more information about on our website


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