What is an Independent Advisor?

Independent Advisors provide one on one support and advice to residents, focusing on how regeneration affects individual households. They also work with individual residents and resident groups to involve them in decision making, set standards and agree how they would like to be engaged with.

Who are PPCR?

Established in 1989, PPCR have worked with all types of communities looking to influence the regeneration of their neighbourhoods. PPCR have worked as advisors in over 70 housing, community and regeneration initiatives.

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How were PPCR chosen?

PPCR were shortlisted along with 2 other highly experienced and recommended organisations.

On Saturday 29th July 2017, we held a resident selection event in Fullers Slade with these 3 organisations. 83 residents voted on the day for who they wanted to be the Independent Advisor in Fullers Slade. PPCR won the most votes.

Working with Residents

PPCR will engage with all sectors of the community living in Fullers Slade and other stakeholders. Their aim is to ensure that residents are empowered to take a full part in the regeneration process, through providing useful information, independent advice and training.

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Meet the Team

PPCR's team working in Fullers Slade will be Ron Houston, Pamela Kovachich, Abraham Nomafo and Helen Redd.

'We are very pleased to be selected by the residents of Fullers Slade to provide Independent Resident Advisor services. We met lots of local people at the selection event on 29th July and look forward to meeting more.'

Pictured: Ron, Helen and Pamela

Contact PPCR

Please contact PPCR directly to find out more about how they can help give you independent advice.

Email info@ppcr.org.uk

Freephone 0800 317 066

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