Myth Busters

If you hear something strange in your neighbourhood, call Myth Busters.

This page has been created to highlight the fiction and give you the facts about regeneration. 

Please contact us if you hear a myth that needs busting and we will add it to this page.

Myth of the week 30.10.2017


The new houses will be much smaller.


YourMK has committed to build homes larger than the Park Morris standards which were the standards all new houses had to be built to previously.  We know that most homes on the seven priority estates area a good size  and so although the new homes may not be the same layout the overall foot print will be bigger.

For example the New Homes may not be the same shape as they are now but the size of the home will not be reduced. So a room will not be exactly the same, but the overall size will be larger. 

It is also important to remember that all our homes will be built to a very high specification and quality.  They will be well insulated and cheaper to maintain and run. 

Please see our New Homes page for more information. 

Myth of the week 23.10.2017


YourMK think that new houses will fix all the problems in our community.


YourMK understands that the programme is not just about housing; it is about People and Prosperity as well. There is no point having new homes if there is the not the infrastructure to support them or the jobs to keep the economy strong.  So YourMK works with other organisations as well as the community to build opportunities, aspirations and pride in where they live. Regeneration is not just about changing the home environment but also working with the community to build a more positive future. For example Get into construction course.  

To learn more on YourMK’s mission you can read our strategy.

Myth of the week 16.10.2017


Regeneration will be done TO residents not WITH residents


The regeneration programme is community lead throughout.  The architects we have employed will be running co-design workshops with residents to develop options. So residents will be invited to attend sessions with the designers to help create possible planning options for Fullers Slade.  We have no existing plans.  No decisions have been made and residents will be encouraged to get involved in creating these.

Following this the plans will go to a public vote where all residents age 16 years plus will be able to vote .

Follow the timeline on our events page.

Myth of the week 09.10.2017


You have to be a professional to get involved.


YourMK is working with several professional bodies plus local community groups to make sure our communication (leaflets, flyers, sessions, website) is delivered in a way residents can understand.

YourMK and partners are delivering free workshops which help breakdown the regeneration process.  These try to explain the different ideas and language used so people feel they can  better understand what is happening and so choose a role within the programme.

If you would like to feedback to us how you have found engagement so far and have any ideas on how we could work with you moving forward please contact us.

Myth of the week 02.10.17


Milton Keynes Council doesn’t support YourMK’s regeneration programme


 YourMK are delivering regeneration on behalf of Milton Keynes Council. The strategy behind this programme can be found here.

The decision to create YourMK to lead regeneration in Milton Keynes was agreed by Milton Keynes Council’s Cabinet in December 2014. Since its creation in April 2016, YourMK has set up a board with equal representation from Milton Keynes Council and Mears Group. We also brief Milton Keynes Councillors and committees regularly to ensure that they are up to date with regeneration and other work carried out by YourMK.


If you would like to speak to a councillor about regeneration, please find the details of key councillors below:

Stony Stratford Ward members:

Denise Brunning

Liz Gifford

Charlie Wilson

Regeneration Committee Chair:

Kevin Wilson

Housing and Community Committee Chair:

Chris Williams

Regeneration Leads:

Nigel Long

Hannah O'Neill

You can view details of councillors and agendas, meeting dates and minutes of council committee here.

Myth of the week 25.09.17


YourMK or the Council have a big pot of money to fund regeneration.


Unfortunately this is not true. While the council does have funds that are dedicated to housing (the Housing Revenue Account or HRA) this is nowhere near enough to fund the kind of regeneration that some estates in Milton Keynes now need.

YourMK are committed to finding alternative finance to fund regeneration. There are a range of options that we are looking at, including: institutional investors, the council borrowing money from the financial markets, private finance and the sale of some new build properties. For more details about regeneration funding, have a look at the article on our website here.

Myth of the week 18.09.17


New houses will be smaller than the existing ones


All new homes built by YourMK are larger than the new national spaces standards for housing, larger than the older housing stock (which were built to the Parker Morris standards), and larger than many of the new affordable homes being built elsewhere within the city.

This is important because our goal is to create high quality, well built, modern, efficient, innovative homes that people want to live in, which work for different sized families at different life stages. 

We are building council homes in different locations in Milton Keynes and we have the plans for these homes on our website, if you’d like to take a look, please click here.


Myth of the week 11.09.17


Information from YourMK seems biased towards demolition.


We don’t recognise this as being the case – and it is certainly not our intention. YourMK has no preference to the detail of the plan as long as it is supported by the community and can be funded within the finance available. There are advantages and disadvantages to refurbishment and redevelopment on different sites. We do not believe in demolition for the sake of it – only if it is the right thing to do. Sometimes it will be possible to renovate or repair a home to get it up to the required standards.

In August, we presented these advantages and disadvantages at an event on Fullers Slade and you can see the presentation here.


Myth of the week 04.09.17


Regeneration in Fullers Slade is only about housing.


Regeneration doesn’t work if it only about housing. At YourMK we have said from the very start that this is about far more than buildings. For example, we are working with all of the schools serving Fullers Slade, and the Family Centre. In addition, we are in conversation at a senior level about health provision, transport, education, policing and all the other services provided to the community by the public sector. There is no point having good housing if you do not have the infrastructure and services to support the community.

We have started holding regular meetings with all of these services and will communicate all relevant information about Fullers Slade via our website. We also plan to invite members from each service to the design workshops over the winter.

Myth of the week 28.08.17


YourMK has already created a plan for what Fullers Slade will look like.


YourMK does not have a plan for what Fullers Slade will look like. The architects, Shepheard Epstein Hunter (SEH) are working with residents over the next year to create the plan for Fullers Slade. SEH need to understand what residents like and don’t like about Fullers Slade, and will then run workshops to design new spaces together. This is called co-design, and is a way of creating regeneration plans together, using the technical expertise of architects and the local expertise of residents to get the best designs.

Myth of the week 21.08.17


A decision to demolish homes in Fullers Slade has already been made.


No decision has been made about whether refurbishment or demolition, or a combination of both, will happen in Fullers Slade. Before this decision can be made, we need to make sure we know the cost of both of these options. In order to work out the cost, we need to complete an intrusive survey of a property or properties in Fullers Slade. This will show us the level of work required and help us to cost the options.

Myth of the week 14.08.17


YourMK have held public meetings this year.


YourMK have not held any public meetings in Fullers Slade. YourMK hold weekly drop ins at the Rowans centre and started holding events in July 2017, such as the Walk and Talks with the architects. Other meetings have been held by the Fullers Slade Residents Association. Often, a member of the YourMK team attends these meetings and provides updated information. It is important that if you have a question, you speak to a member of the YourMK team directly.

Myth of the week 07.08.17


Building work will start in 2018 and be completed in 2019.


The process of creating a plan and then delivering it will not be this quick. The plan for Fullers Slade will be created in 2018. Whether the plan involved refurbishment, demolition or a bit of both, it must go to Milton Keynes Council to gain planning permission. Once planning permission is granted, more detailed plans need to be created before any work is started. We do not know how long it will take to complete the work at the moment, as we do not have a plan yet, but it is likely to take several years to complete.

Myth of the week 31.07.17


YourMK have an objective to increase the number (or density) of homes in Fullers Slade.


Delivering any level of refurbishment or redevelopment costs money.  The Council may fund some of this work but it won't fund all of it. The only way to raise money to deliver regeneration is to build houses to sell. Increasing the number of homes is not an objective but it will need to be done to raise money to pay for improvements to existing homes and/or demolish and redevelop new homes and new community infrastructure. 

YourMK DOES NOT have a target number of homes it wants to build, but it is working out how many homes it needs to build in order to refurbish all existing homes, replace all the existing homes or deliver something in the middle.