1. Information for residents in the Lakes Estate

The FAQS can be downloaded here:

April 18 SC FAQs.pdf


Serpentine Court QA Aug 18.pdf

1.1) Why are we doing regeneration?

Regeneration has 3 strands of work: People, Place and Prosperity.




1.2) What is going to happen in Serpentine Court?

During 2018 we will develop a regeneration plans that addresses key issues. We want you to be involved in helping create that plan. We will be running workshops and events in collaboration with the resident led Serpentine Court Steering Group (SCSG). We want to know what is important to you and what you would like to see happen.

1.3) Why are you only looking at Serpentine Court?

The Council owned homes, and the external and communal spaces in Serpentine Court, are in need of significant investment, refurbishment or replacement. This is largely due to the age of the properties, how they were built and how they have been maintained.

Over the last 5 years, most of the council owned homes across the Lakes Estate have had significant investment, with new cladding, insulation, windows and doors fitted. These homes, therefore, do not have the same investment requirements as homes in Serpentine Court.

1.4) Are you going to demolish Serpentine Court?

This has not been decided yet. Currently we are working on 3 approaches for the area. These are –


1.5) What will happen to the rest of the Lakes Estate?

We will work with residents and business owners in Serpentine Court as a priority, but we will also speak to residents across the Lakes Estate, as there are areas of the estate that may be suitable for development, identified in the Neighbourhood Plan.

1.6) How will regeneration be funded?

There are a range of options:

1.7) How will the plan be chosen?

HTA are the architects that have been brought in to create plans together with residents. The plans needs to be affordable, currently we are developing the 3 approaches with community input and Serpentine Court residents will have a vote on their favoured plan when the plans are completed. All residents living in Serpentine Court over 16 years will be eligible to vote but need to be enrolled on the electoral register to be able to vote: www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

1.8) Will businesses owners or people working in the area be included in the consultation?

Yes. There are several businesses in Serpentine Court and we are speaking to them about how this might affect them, in order to make sure the plan developed takes their ideas and concerns into account.

1.9) What independent advice will be available for residents?

Every regeneration programme has an Independent Advisor. Independent Advisors provide one on one support and advice for residents, focussing on how regeneration affects them. They also work with residents and resident groups to involve them in decision making, set standards and agree how they would like to be engaged with. Tpas was the name of the organisation that gained the most votes on 11th November 2017. www.serpentinecourt@tpas.org.uk

1.10) Do landlords who own private properties receive compensation if demolition goes ahead? Will they have options to buy back new properties?

All homeowners will be offered compensation for their home according to national policy. Landlords will be eligible for the same offers as any other home owner.

1.11) Will the number of properties double?

The number will depend on the option that is chosen. All plans are made with full community consultation.

2. Information for MK Council tenants in Serpentine Court

2.1) I am in the process of Right-To-Buy. What shall I do?

You should continue with the process. If and when the time comes that you will no longer be able to purchase your property through the Right-To-Buy process, we will let you know.


2.2) If my home is knocked down, where will I move to?

We do not have this level of detail yet. There are no specific plans at the moment. In order to develop these plans for your area, there will be extensive consultation, about all the options before decisions are made. If the plan is to replace homes, then we will make any move as stress-free as possible.

2.3) Who will cover the costs of being moved if that happens?

It is likely that YourMK would cover the cost of moving council tenants, but the policy and process for this are yet to be agreed.

2.4) Will we still be council tenants with the same type of tenancy?

Yes. Your tenancy agreement will be with Milton Keynes Council, and tenants with a secure tenancy will find their tenancy agreement unaffected by regeneration.

2.5) Will I need to pay more rent if my home is improved?

You might. The rent of your home may increase due to improvement works, however we expect that any improvement work will significantly reduce the cost of bills for you. This means the overall cost to you will not increase.