Regeneration in North Bradville

We are discussing with your local councillors when to start the regeneration process in Bradville. With the development of Stantonbury Parish Council's Neighbourhood Plan and local elections in May, this is likely to begin in the summer.

We will communicate the detailed timeline as soon as we have agreed it. In the meantime, please contact the team with any queries you may have.

Working with residents

We are committed to providing as many opportunities as we can for you to be fully involved in helping us create the vision for the area that is fit for the future. We will spend at least a year working with you, your neighbours and national specialists to develop this vision. This is called a masterplan.

Resident Questionnaire

In 2019 we will be knocking on doors and holding drop ins to ask you to complete a questionnaire about how you feel about living in North Bradville. You can also complete this questionnaire online.

Details will be available soon

Community Communicators

We’re on the lookout for people living or working in North Bradville to become Community Communicators.

Communicators help us get messages out where they live and work.

We have 154 communicators across MK, 28 of these are in North Bradville.

If you're interested, please contact Anne.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about YourMK, please call us on 01908 991 570 or email You can also make contact via Twitter or Facebook. Either way we’re always happy to hear from you.