1. Information for residents in North Bradville

2. Information for MK Council tenants in North Bradville 

3. Information for homeowners and landlords in North Bradville

4. Information for private and Housing Association tenants in North Bradville 

1. Information for residents in North Bradville

If you live in North Bradville, we will begin engagement with residents in 2018 to discuss what needs to be done to improve the houses, environment and neighbourhoods.

Our expert master planners and community teams will spend time talking to people and discussing options, before agreeing a detailed plan to go through the formal planning process in 2019.

What do you mean by North Bradville?

Regeneration in Bradville will only consists of 5 streets, Kingsfold, Crispin Road and Harrowden, Woodstock Court and Minstrel Court.

Why are we doing regeneration?

Milton Keynes Council has a 15 year regeneration strategy which talks about why regeneration is needed in some parts of Milton Keynes and what the focus needs to be on to respond to this need. YourMK was set up, amongst other things, to lead on the delivery of this strategy. You can find the regeneration strategy here https://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/housing/regenerationmk

Regeneration in MK is focused on 3 key areas; People, Place and Prosperity.

What are the aims of regeneration?

In creating conditions to thrive, we aim to build pride in the estate, foster positive social relationships, create opportunities to influence the regeneration process, and build a feeling of optimism in the future of the estate.

How long will it all take?

Regeneration engagement with residents will begin in North Bradville in early 2018. This work will last around a year. During this time residents will be able to work with architects to shape the plan for North Bradville. Physical work is not likely to start until 2020. A more detailed timeline of engagement will be communicated in early 2018.

How will regeneration be funded?

There are a range of options that we are looking at:

It is likely that regeneration will be funded by a range of the options above.

Does YourMK have a plan already drawn up?

No. We are committed to community led regeneration, which means the plans will be developed with you. We will create a masterplan with residents and architects working together. There will be a range of ways that you can be involved to help develop the master plan: from one to one conversations with us to working with the expert designers and architects in small planning workshops. 

Are you going to demolish homes?

We do not know the scale of the work yet.

The investment will be focussing on refurbishment and modernisation, and whilst there may be some demolition, this will only take place after extensive consultation and discussion with residents. YourMK will be responsible for major commercial (or business) decisions, but we want the community in North Bradville to work with us to shape their plan.

Will disabled residents who live in bungalows be able to continue to live in bungalows after regeneration?

Accommodation will meet the needs of the individuals who will live there. For the case of Milton Keynes Council tenants with disabilities, this may mean new bungalows or it may mean fully accessible apartments.

Could the new houses be smaller than I have at the moment? 

We will ensure that all YourMK new homes are larger than the new national spaces standards for housing, larger than the older housing stock built to Parker Morris standards, and larger than many of the new affordable homes being built elsewhere within the city.

Our goal is to create sustainable, innovative homes which people want to live in, which work for different sized families at different life stages. 


Will residents have to sacrifice a lot of green space?

We don’t know this kind of detail yet. We know that people really value the green spaces where they live and we want to protect this as much as we can. However, to fund and deliver improvements to neighbourhoods, we may need to build on existing open space.

Development will be in line with the Council's strict policies on density and open space, and we are committed to being open and honest about these plans.


2. Information for MK Council tenants in North Bradville

I am in the process of Right-To-Buy. What shall I do?

You should continue with the process. If and when the time comes that you will no longer be able to purchase your property through the Right To Buy process, we will let you know.


If my home is knocked down, where will I move to?

We do not have this level of detail yet. There are no specific plans at the moment. In order to develop these plans for your area, there will be extensive consultation, about all the options before decisions are made. If the plan is to replace homes, then we will make any move as stress-free as possible.

Who will cover the costs of being moved if that happens?

It is likely that we will cover the cost of moving council tenants, but the policy and process for this are yet to be agreed.

Will we still be council tenants with the same type of tenancy?

Yes. Your tenancy agreement will be with Milton Keynes Council, and tenants with a secure tenancy will find their tenancy agreement unaffected by regeneration.

Will I need to pay more rent if my home is improved?

No. Your rent will not change as a result of improvement works to your existing home.


Is the amount of social housing going to be reduced?

No. YourMK has made a commitment that there will be no overall loss of social housing as a result of the regeneration programme, and nor will there be any displacement of council tenants.

All plans will comply with council planning policies regarding the provision of affordable housing.

3. Information for home owners and landlords in North Bradville

Does regeneration affect my home as well as Council owned homes?

If the regeneration plan for North Bradville only involves carrying out investment work to council owned properties, this will not affect you.

If the plans are to fully re-develop North Bradville, replacing old homes with new ones, we will discuss this with you, and work towards reaching an agreement through a series of one-on-one conversations about the available options.

If, as a homeowner, regeneration of my area means you need my property, I am worried that I am not going to be able to afford to buy another property in Milton Keynes.

We understand that this is a concern. We will engage with you in developing the regeneration plan for North Bradville. We will discuss your needs and options personally with you as a homeowner through one to one conversations to reach agreement. 

Will you use Compulsory Purchase Orders?

We hope this won’t be necessary, although it is an option. We will endeavour to reach an agreement with each homeowner in the first instance. If CPOs do turn out to be necessary, then an independent process will be agreed.

How will my property be valued?

If a valuation is a required part of a process, this will be done using a fair and impartial valuation procedure.


4. Information for private and Housing Association tenants in North Bradville

If the regeneration plan for North Bradville only involves carrying out investment work to council owned properties, this will not affect you. We recommend you speak to your landlord about any future plans they may have.

If the plans are to fully re-develop North Bradville, including the property you rent, we will discuss this with you and your landlord.